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At this festive time of year, the horny guys come out of the woodwork.

I've been getting a fair amount of email on both my OKCupid accounts - the one that's normal and the one for more sexxy stuff - and sometimes I get email from the same guys on both. Sometimes I get the SAME email from the same guy on both accounts.

But I had a fun one the other day. To the sexxy account, all he sent was "wink". He bothered to type that in and said nothing more.

To my normal account he said:
You sound like a good friend with benefits. Would you enjoybreaking [sic] the ice by exchanging massages and cuddling?

I thought up a clever response, & J thought it was funny too so I don't think I'm nuts thinking it was humorous:
I believe those are Advanced Icebreaking - I'm only in Beginners Icebreaking. I'm in Intermediate Replying-To-Your-Messages, though. :)

I overestimated him. His response:
Hmmm, fair enough on the first part. I don't understand the second part about 'intermediate replaying.'[sic] How are things with you?

So we've established that he understood that I was saying, without being baldfaced about it, that his message was too forward. But he's not clever enough to get all the wit employed. And yet he's still interested in trying to continue to have a conversation with someone he doesn't get.

*scratches head* Must be hormones.


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