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I tried to tweet this but Twitter is being a little bitch this morning for me (from work).

Small world syndrome is working in my favor, for a change!

I met a new guy online, M. He told me about another partner of his who is poly and kinky, and I thought he might be seeing the woman I referenced back this spring as "New Girl" just from the way he described her. But I only just met him, so I wasn't going to get into all that.

J hasn't seen New Girl in ages, said they haven't seen each other because they're too busy, but she hasn't been too busy to start seeing 2 others guys, so I didn't think that was quite the whole reason.

But we got deeper into discussion, talking about exes and our past tragedies and more in-depth. It was really quite a unique conversation. I asked if he always gets this in-depth with people he's just met and he was like "hell no!" I felt flattered a bit. :) So anyway, we got to talking about sex life and poly, he mentioned he was interested in an MMF and that he was pretty sure the other woman he sees would be pleased to have a threesome with me and him, and it became clear that the other woman he's seeing is in fact New Girl. I said "her name wouldn't be New Girl? Username-on-site?" and he was like "yeah!" I said "J went out with her, and we all had a threesome once" and he's like "I've heard about you guys!"

Now, this could be a bad moment. WHY had he heard about us? I said "do me a favor - tell me what you heard, and please be honest. I was weird when I met her [I explained the reasons later] and I'm afraid I scared her off." He said no, she'd just mentioned this engaged guy and she'd seen him a couple times and had a threesome with his fiancee who didn't seem that into it. I told him it was too bad I made that impression, but I would totally have another threesome with her. I do think that if I had one with her and J wasn't included he might feel left out, so I'm mindful of that. It's not like he'd be unavailable... he's free almost all the time.

M asked if I wanted him to mention my conversation with him about New Girl and J with New Girl when he spoke with her and I said sure, why not. I also told J how she'd mentioned him (and me) to M and she really fancies him, since she liked him enough to mention him to this guy she's seen once.

Lo and behold, New Girl texted J yesterday and they're seeing each other today! J came home horny and down to fuck last night and fucked me well (even though I was needed to be asleep, since I had the early shift today), he had weird sexy dreams all night and was nice and hard when I woke up (sadly, I didn't have a chance to take advantage of it, I was in a rush because of the early shift).

The sex last night was a bit odd because J started climbing all over me while I was telling him about my discussions with M and he wanted me to keep telling him about M, which I found distracting. I wasn't planning to think about M while we were having sex, let alone have coherent conversation, which requires I change my focus from what he's doing to my physical form while my brain does the work. I'd rather have just had the sex, then the talking.

So anyhow, I feel like I've done a good deed by getting them back to seeing each other again, or at least back on each others' radars. J was wasting time on someone for a while that was making him unavailable but he's not doing that any more, and I hope they have a rip roaring good time today. :D

I told J that I'd be meeting M tonight and he asked this morning what we're doing. I said I had no idea but I was pretty sure there would be sex. He expressed some surprise and said "you're that into him already?" I said "yes. and plus, I'm working from a deficit, I'm trying to make up for that." And he sounds like he's going to be LOTS of fun!
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