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OK, not completely different, but not about polyamory, exactly.

There's a thing in the news this week lately about Robert Pattinson (age 26) and Kristen Stewart (age 22) breaking up because she cheated on him. If you don't know, they're actors in some popular films. She did a different movie and slept with the director, Rupert Saunders (age 41), a married man with two children.

I'm finding it a fascinating study on how cheating is viewed in our society.
Some people want to vilify her because she cheated on her poor undeserving boyfriend.

I haven't really heard anyone vilifying her for cheating on her poor undeserving boyfriend with a married man who has a family which is kind of surprising, but they're too busy saying "oh poor boyfriend! broken heart! so sad!" I do actually think that's a worse mistake than sleeping with a single person or an attached person with no children.

I'm surprised to say that I haven't heard people, besides his wife, vilifying the director. I wonder if that's because he managed to pull some young hot pussy who's practically half his age so secretly the guys are all thinking "good on ya!"

While the famous actress broke up with her famous actor boyfriend, the director's family didn't fall apart, although his wife told him that if he wants to save his marriage, he's never going to see the actress again.

This week there were reports in the news (apparently unfounded) that Stewart was fired/dropped from a planned sequel. I surmised last night to J that they might've dropped Stewart so they could secure the director for the sequel.

There are people saying "give her a break, she's only 22, you make mistakes when you're young and you learn from them and it's not the end of the world." I agree. I wouldn't be that age again for ... well, ok, maybe I would if the price were right. Anyway, you do make mistakes, and you learn, and she is only 22.

But I wouldn't expect her to have the same ability to see the consequences of her actions as, say, a 41-year old who is married with kids. There are people vehemently counterarguing that "she's old enough to know better, to know right from wrong". I agree with this too. She's old enough to know what rules she agreed to follow and to stick to them, and she should also understand that Rupert was supposed to be following those too. Now, some of the fun of cheating is breaking the rules in the first place, so that may not have stopped them.

It may have been a completely well-reasoned decision on their part to ruin one another's lives, but I doubt it.

Do I think they were wrong to do it? I can't possibly decide. It's not for me to judge. I think cheating in general is wrong. I also know what it's like to be overwhelmed by hormones that make it impossible to use your higher brain. But it's an interesting study nonetheless.

Discuss. :)
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