Aug. 13th, 2012

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J wanted to write a writing exercise with me, to see if we can write together. I have no aspirations to be an author, but I certainly write, as you good readers know. So he set as our topic "Polyamory: the good, the bad and the crazy" - he actually had the name of someone we know as the third element but I changed it to "crazy" to make it more anonymous.

This could be a very very long essay, and it'll probably be broken up into bits and pieces, which professionals would probably call "installments." :) I gave a sort of talk last month - I was on a panel where polyamory came up and I had some really interesting reailzations about what I believe and why I'm poly and so on. I've been halfheartedly re-reading "The Ethical Slut", since I have it as an ebook and I can read ebooks at work on my phone without being obvious but I can't bring in "Opening Up" or "Love Unlimited" without people saying "you're not supposed to be reading a book, what are you doing?" What I wouldn't give to have "Opening Up" as an audiobook! Anyway... someone I've just started seeing is reading it for the first time (I think) so I was looking it over again, and so much of what the book says mirrors what I was saying last month but I never realized it at the time.
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I see my bad outweighs my crazy and my good by a lot here, so I need to work on the good and the crazy parts more. Out of time for now, though.


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